“What a Difference a Year Makes!”

Last Chance to Vote! – Annual VIOA Homeowners Meeting this Saturday

Please Vote — Whelchel, Watt and Rendahl

  • 11 Months after contentious Election, Great Progress is being made
  • Three excellent candidates being supported by SavingOVI.org
  • SavingOVI.org website newly updated — (You’re now here so check it out)

It’s hard to believe that it was only 11 short months ago that, in a room packed with 200 concerned OVI Owners, the results were announced, a deafening roar went up from the crowd and all four candidates supported by SaveOVI.org were elected to our Board of Directors (in a landslide no less!). And while last year’s election was highly contentious (Good News: this year’s election won’t be!), your new board has made great progress and our beloved Olympic Village Inn is making positive strides in many areas.

BUT, now is not the time to lose our momentum! Three Board seats are up for election and, if you still haven’t gotten around to voting, there’s still time. (But you need to act now!) To cast your vote online, instructions can be found at the very bottom of your Ballot (sorry, no time left to return mail your paper ballot) and there are three highly qualified candidates that we are urging you to vote for: Elizabeth Whelchel, Jay Watt and David Rendahl.

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